Since March of 2020, every scientist and health policy expert pontificates on the pandemic and how you can defend against contracting covid. There is only one problem – your best (& only) defense against any pandemic is a good offense. If that sounds like incorporating a sports cliché into a post – you are correct. It is a perfect conceptualization.


The human body is a magnificently built electromagnetic biochemical device. If you give your body what it needs every day, it can defend against any 100 year pandemic that comes down the pike. Your digestive tract is where your immune response comes from. Your fork is your offensive weapon. Chronic inflammation causes disease, malfunction in both your digestive tract, and organicity. When organs are not functioning as they were designed, they cannot defend against viruses. Taken over long periods of time, pharmaceuticals do not treat the root cause of chronic disease (inflammation), and malfunctioning organs. To the contrary, oftentimes they mask the root problem.

Sadly, we are seeing what happens to those that have a malfunctioning immune system and cannot mount an offensive. This is truly a case of the haves (have their health) and the have nots (do not have their health). Here is a high-level view of how to really defend against any pandemic – go on the offensive now and be HEARD:

  1. Hydrate with 25-30oz clean water (reverse osmosis Multipure is the best brand) every morning before breakfast and a total of half your body weight in ounces consumed daily
  2. Eat 2 servings of cooked organic grains (brown rice, barley, oats, millet, quinoa), and 3 servings of cooked root vegetables (any veggie that has a root) each day
  3. Activate your digestive system by eating pre-biotic foods (leeks, onions, garlic, apples, bananas, oats) and a high-quality probiotic supplement (New Earth Essentials are best) before/with each meal.
  4. Rest for at least 8 hours per night – and remember each hour you sleep before midnight equals 1.5 hours slept after the witching hour.
  5. Downtime for meditation, reading, or just walking with nothing else going on (leave the phone behind) each day – mental health is as important as physical health

Lastly, moderate the alcohol, tobacco, and coffee. If you want to join those that have pandemic antibodies and no symptoms you need not go to Shanghai and lock-down – you need only go to the end of your fork.

To your health,