Now that the United States is continuing to transition to a more remote workforce, sales and marketing teams have had to work hard to keep up. Sales presentations have become more difficult now that it’s harder to make a personal connection with customers virtually.

Here are some simple tips to help your team smooth out your remote sales presentations and how you can get support providing your sales teams with the training they need to create successful presentations.    

Keep Your Presentation Relevant to the Customer

Today’s consumers are wise to the marketing ploys of the past and are more interested in asking “what’s in it for me?” Make sure your presentation begins and ends in a way that is relevant to your customer, be it their overall demographic or that specific customer. Tailor your presentations as needed to fit your audience.

Empathize with Your Customer 

Consumers want to make an emotional connection before they agree to a purchase. They want to know that your company and sales representatives understand their problems and have designed a solution that is likely to work for them. Your sales presentations should very clearly let your customers know that you do, in fact, “get it.”

Show Emotion

Part of empathizing with your customers is showing emotions yourself. For remote presentations, you may need to be a little louder or more animated than you normally would be in person, because some of that “energy” is lost between screens. Show concern when a customer shares a problem with you and express a genuine desire to resolve it. Don’t forget to smile if you’re on video.

Make Your Presentation Short and Sweet

One thing you don’t want to do when making a sales presentation online is allow it to drag out too long. The average person’s attention span is quite short, meaning your team doesn’t have a lot of time before their customers’ minds start to wander. Keep your presentation under a certain length of time, which may vary depending on the age of your customer, the industry you’re in, and the product(s) you offer.

Use Eye Catching Visuals

With remote sales presentations being virtual in nature, customers are unable to see, hear, feel, or interact with the product they’re considering purchasing. This immediately puts your team at a disadvantage and makes it harder for them to secure the sale. Combat this by using engaging visuals designed to catch your customers’ eyes and keep them entertained and focused on your sales messaging.

Provide Your Sales Team with Ongoing Presentation Training

The most critical element of solid sales presentations, whether remote or in-person, is adequately training your sales staff. Your employees should know how to create sales presentations from scratch or edit existing presentations to fit a new product or target demographic. You can do this with initial and ongoing training.

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