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Mark Ulian

President & Publisher

20 Years And Counting:
We Love What We Do


Its often said that a year in tech equals three-years in other industries. If that’s true, the BusinessWatch Network (BWN) has seen the equivalent of 50 years of change since its inception
in 2003.

With change comes both disruption & opportunity for professionals that have the knowledgebase and skill-set to rapidly adapt. Knowledge is power, and The BusinessWatch Network charter starts by providing topical, customized, rich content, to facilitate a deep understanding of what is important to you and your organization no matter what your title or industry. Today, rapid technology change is woven into the fabric of business across all industries. How do you see what technologies are coming before they arrive? Gain the skills necessary to master new processes? Bring those skills to others within your organization? And become recognized as a go-to change-agent?

It starts by registering to receive a BWN newsletter in your field, continues when you receive invitations to special webinars presented by nationally & internationally recognized expert mentors in their respective fields, diving deeper with access to online and offline content from some of the most trusted sources, engaging independent research to help you and your organization succeed together.

If this sounds like your personal online business coach then we’ve done our job – and you’ve learned the most important thing you need to know About Us. Here’s to your success!

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