Hiring a new employee and putting time and money into their training is expensive; few companies want to let their investments go if at all possible. That said, sometimes firing an employee is the smartest, most economical move for the company.

It may be time let a staff member go if they:

1. Are Struggling to Complete Tasks Correctly Despite Training

New employees are bound to make mistakes, despite their best efforts. However, if you’re provided a plethora of training in multiple different forms and the employee still struggles to complete tasks correctly, the job may not be a good fit for them.

If the employee has an enthusiastic attitude and continues to put forth their best effort, you can keep the lines of communication open and find out what more you can do to support them as they learn the ropes. However, if it’s been weeks or even months with little improvement, it may be time to give them notice.

2. Have an Arrogant, “Unteachable” Attitude

There’s a lot you can do with an employee who makes mistakes but has a genuine try-hard attitude. If you have a team member that seems arrogant, is resistant to constructive criticism, and seems to be “unteachable,” this is not the type of person you want contributing to your team, even if their work is very good or they make few mistakes.

3. Have Little to No Respect for Workplace Guidelines

Your employee handbook is a set of guidelines designed to govern activity in the workplace to make it flow smoothly for everyone. When one team member doesn’t respect these guidelines or makes a show of breaking rules, it can cause problems for the entire staff. Examples of this may include being habitually late, purposely not adhering to the dress code, or committing other small conduct violations that aren’t necessarily outright fireable offenses but often indicate that an employee doesn’t care about your company culture or contributing to it in a positive way.

4. Are Causing Excessive Disruption to the Workplace 

Employees that create hostility or disruption in the workplace should be dealt with immediately to prevent the productivity of your entire team from slowing down. If you don’t adequately handle situations where employees are being rude, disrespectful, or disruptive, the rest of your staff may begin to feel as though you don’t care to protect their own working environments or the integrity of your workplace overall.

5. Engage in Criminal or Discriminatory Activity

Staff members that engage in criminal activity like stealing from the cash register, taking merchandise, etc. should be terminated immediately. It’s important to send a clear message to your entire team that criminal behavior at work will not be tolerated or given a second chance.

It’s also important to be aware of who is working for you and their beliefs and behaviors in public. People that post controversial takes on their social media accounts about sensitive topics like race, gender, and sexuality pose a risk to your company when customers find out that you employ someone who holds these beliefs.

The same applies to pandemic-deniers and anti-maskers; if an employee is spreading critical misinformation, bigotry, or racially motivated hate on public platforms, consider terminating them on the spot.

The public pressure on companies to weed out “bad apples,” for lack of better terminology, is heavy currently and your business may not be able to afford the damage to your public image and reputation if you continue to employ someone who has gone viral for hateful or bigoted behavior.

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