How well your business functions from day to day depends a lot on the administrative procedures you have established for your company and how well your employees adhere to protocols.

Here are 5 secrets to developing effective office management protocols and how to get access to our live upcoming webinar to learn even more.

1. Understand Why Establishing Administrative Protocols Is Critical

Without clearly defined administrative guidelines, it’s difficult for your employees to work effectively and your office to run smoothly. Things can get chaotic, which eventually impacts your bottom line. This is especially true when the work landscape changes drastically as it has this past year.

Ensuring your company has well thought out procedures that can be followed with little to no guesswork is key to eliminating mistakes and helping employees keep up with new office policies.

2. Identify What Should Be Included in a Procedure Manual

Take some time to think about what should be included in your procedure manual. For example, security policies, COVID-19 best practices and employee review processes are all examples of good, basic information that should be included.

However, depending on the nature of your business, it may seem like quite the intimidating list. For now, just jot down things you want to be sure are discussed in your manual and you can go into more detail later.

3. Use Ready-Made Templates Whenever Possible 

Often, you can find premade procedure templates that can either be used as-is or edited slightly to fit the needs of your business.

For example, you can use a standard dress code policy template instead of writing a new policy from the ground up. If you have a specific dress code unique to your business, such as a particular uniform requirement, you can simply add this to a dress code template that outlines other guidelines like tattoos, piercings, and hair color.

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4. Create Electronic and Hard Copies of Your Administrative Procedures Manual

Once you’ve put together your company’s procedure manual, you’ll need to create both electronic and hard copies. Electronic copies are fairly simple and can just be a PDF file attached to an email memo.

If your manual is quite long, a hard copy may be large and cumbersome. You may want to consider providing employees with electronic copies as is your responsibility and keeping a single hard copy in a binder at your workplace, if applicable. 

5. Provide Employees with Ongoing Education

Once you’ve ensured your staff has received a copy of your procedure manual, give them the opportunity to go over it and ask any questions they have about the content. Then, make sure to review the manual on a regular basis and offer employees ongoing training on both new and established company policies. 

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